Coaching and Consulting

Sara Schley is the co-founder and CEO of Seed Systems, an international consulting company established in 1994. Seed Systems takes a systemic approach, integrating sustainability from the inside out in people and organizations to create a regenerative, inclusive, and kind world.

Sara has coached hundreds of leaders for over three decades. She uses an “inner systems” approach that takes a comprehensive, deep and systemic view of your life, helps you focus on what you want to have happen, and respectfully and powerfully guides you towards your highest aspirations and deepest purpose.

Pioneering in the field of sustainable commerce, Seed Systems has served over 50 enterprises in business, non-profit, government and academic sectors, including such luminaries as EILEEN FISHER, Nike, MIT and Ben&Jerry’s. Versatile and innovative with expertise refined over 25 years of practice in designing, facilitating, teaching and coaching, Seed Systems is your go to partner for healing yourselves, your organizations, and our awesome planet.

“Sara coached me personally through one of the deepest personal transformation experiences I have ever had: a healing process called “Shadow Work” that changed my life and caused me to shift my perspectives and actions in ways that still resonate with me today. Sara is a miracle worker.”

– Eileen Fisher, Founder and CEO EILEEN FISHER

“Your work helped set Nike on a journey of sustainability from which there is no return.”

– Darcy Winslow, Nike

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Amy Hall, former VP of Social Consciousness at EILEEN FISHER and now a strategic advisor for the company, along with Sara Schley, Cofounder of consulting firm Seed Systems, share how they guided the company in their phenomenally successful sustainability quest.