Donald Trump may soon get his eviction notice from the White House, but the real problem, Despicable Mitch McConnell, remains. And there is only one solution to solve the real reason why our Democracy is in tatters: Win BOTH Georgia Senate run-offs in January. 

Yes, we can breathe a small sigh of relief each desperate, often comical day of Trump and his keystone cop legal time signaling and end to this administration’s reality TV show presidency. But the root cause of this administration goes back further and continues today. 

Despicable Mitch has been consistent for the past eight years

Despicable Mitch is consistent. Oh no, not consistent with his application of Senate rules, not consistent with his interpretation of the Constitution, not consistent in his word or deed.

He is consistently willing to do anything at any cost to maintain HIS power no matter what the cost to democracy, Senate tradition, or the U.S. Constitution.

Much has been said about Despicable Mitch McConnell’s colossal hypocrisy for rushing to vote on a Supreme Court Justice nominee in this election year when he refused to even consider Merrick Garland for an entire year in 2016.

Yes, it’s indefensible, but Despicable Mitch needs no defense other than Kentucky voters and the Senate leaders who continue to choose him as its leader. Both groups remain unmoveable in their support of him.

But less has been said about what this says about McConnell’s character or lack thereof. By shoving forward the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett, McConnell blithely violated Justice Ginsburg’s dying wish not to be replaced before a new President was installed. 

Equally egregious is his total disrespect for her family and his desecration of Jewish rituals regarding death. McConnell’s political gamesmanship came during the time when Justice Ginsburg’s family was to be held in deep respect,  a time of mourning before her burial and for the seven-day period of “Shiva” after. 

Decency called for a halt to political battles now in reverence for the life that has passed and out of compassion for the family. 

Decency and compassion? Those are qualities Despicable Mitch will never possess. But as I mentioned before, McConnell is consistent.

Let me remind you how completely in character this is: 

  • After President Obama was elected in a sweeping victory and endorsement of the American People in 2008, McConnell and the GOP in the minority refused to work with him to craft his signature legislation: The Affordable Healthcare Act. Despite Obama’s relentless appeal to bipartisan legislation and bringing forward a plan largely crafted by then Gov. Mitt Romney in Massachusetts (a Republican), McConnell blocked every effort to make health care better.
  • After McConnell was named Senate Majority Leader and despite Obama winning re-election in 2012, McConnell announced his only purpose was to thwart Obama in every possible way, in effect, torching a 200-year tradition of compromise for the good of the country.
  • After publicly denouncing then Presidential Candidate Donald Trump as unfit for office, McConnell quickly changed his tune after Trump won the party nomination. He became the single greatest Codependent Enabler-in-Chief of every attack on democracy, decency and truth that the Trump Administration concocted. 
  • Despite clear evidence of corruption and deceit, McConnell made a sham of impeachment by simply refusing to hold President Trump accountable
  • Of course, there’s his appalling treatment of both Justices Garland and Ginsberg and finally, 
  • He now enables Trump to make a mockery of the election system of which our country is founded on by refusing to announce publicly what we all know: That Trump Lost.

So what do we do about Despicable Mitch?

There is only one way to end Mitch McConnell’s stain on American politics. We must do everything in our power to elect the two democratic Senate candidates in Georgia. If they both win, the Senate is split 50-50 and McConnell is bounced from leadership. 

Yes, it will be a razor-thin margin and surely not the sweeping mandate of control many Democrats had hoped for to finally undo the damage done in all three branches of government by Despicable Mitch. But even razor-thin, it is the only way to remove four more years of obstruction and hypocrisy should McConnell remain in power of the Senate. 

How can you support this? Write postcards to Georgia voters. Send money in support of the candidates. Want to relocate? I hear Georgia is nice? Go quickly and register to vote! 

Trump may soon be gone, but McConnell, the real illness of American politics lingers on. It’s time for him to go too.