Sara’s Books

BrainStorm: From Broken to Blessed on the Bipolar Spectrum. Now available!

Sara experienced her first major clinical depression and “brain breakdown.” She did not know that she had the condition called Bipolar II until she was finally correctly diagnosed nearly 25 years and five psychiatrists later. Now, in BrainStorm: From Broken to Blessed on the Bipolar Spectrum, Sara tells her life-changing story to help end the bipolar stigma, bring new understanding, and save lives. Millions of people suffer needlessly, not knowing that their perplexing condition is a treatable variant of depression on the Bipolar Spectrum. New understanding and treatment can change everything. Read this book if anyone in your life suffers from persistent, debilitating depressive illness. It just might save their life.

Secrets of the Seventh Day: How Everyone Can Find Renewal through the Wisdom and Practices of the Sabbath

Life is hectic. Moms, dads, kids — all of us — are running at breakneck speed. We need to find ways to be renewed—as individuals, as families and in our communities. Sara Schley, who runs at her own breakneck speed as wife and mother of twins while leading a successful company consulting to businesses on sustainability, has found soul-saving-sanity and renewal through her family’s observance of the Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat). Inspired by a non-Jewish friend who said, “Sara there is no center in our lives, you have to teach us how to do Shabbat!”, Sara has written Secrets of the 7th Day, the first book of her Radical Renewal series, about how everyone can learn from this ancient Jewish ritual, whether or not they are Jews or even religious. The practice of unplugging from the world, slowing down, sharing in the simple joys of food, stories, songs and the outdoors can be celebrated by all. Secrets of the 7th Day invites all of us to make these beautiful practices for renewing the spirit our own. Ancient as the Sabbath is, we need it now more than ever.

“I read your book in one sitting last Thursday. It is a lovely, generous, inspiring work.”

– Rev Bob Massie

The Necessary Revolution:Working Together to Create a Sustainable World

Imagine a world in which the excess energy from one business would be used to heat another. Where buildings need less and less energy around the world, and where “regenerative” commercial buildings – ones that create more energy than they use – are being designed. A world in which environmentally sound products and processes would be more cost-effective than wasteful ones. A world in which corporations such as Costco, Nike, BP, and countless others are forming partnerships with environmental and social justice organizations to ensure better stewardship of the earth and better livelihoods in the developing world. Now, stop imagining – that world is already emerging.

A revolution is underway in today’s organizations. As Sara Schley and her co-authors reveal in The Necessary Revolution, companies around the world are boldly leading the change from dead-end “business as usual” tactics to transformative strategies that are essential for creating a flourishing, sustainable world. There is a long way to go, but the era of denial has ended. Today’s most innovative leaders are recognizing that for the sake of our companies and our world, we must implement revolutionary—not just incremental—changes in the way we live and work.

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