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I read BrainStorm straight through while standing in the kitchen. This is a very compelling, very important memoir about the “other” bipolar disorder—the one hardly anyone knows about.
Dr. Jim Phelps

Author of 'BiPolar, Not So Much'

BrainStorm is an extraordinary, captivating, and unflinchingly honest depiction of Bipolar II Depression across a woman’s lifespan from the inside out. In order to educate the public and professionals, and reach across the deep chasm of stigma associated with Bipolar Disorder, we must all read this book. It will save someone’s life.
Annette Cycon


“You have written a masterful autobiography about your lived experiences with Bipolar Disorder II, poignantly capturing the lack of understanding about Bipolar Spectrum disorders. . .  It will be hugely helpful to have a first-person narrative account of what it is like to live with BD II available to increase awareness and decrease stigma. Your story no doubt will inspire others who struggle with BD II. I fervently hope that your book gets published so it can be made available to a wide audience.”
Dr. Holly Swartz

Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh and Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Psychotherapy

“I vividly remember reading Brainstorm, reaching page three, and breaking into tears. For the first time, here was someone describing exactly how I felt, as if they were inside of my brain.”
James Harrison

University of California Berkeley

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