I have an article out, Your Unique and Beautiful Brain, in the Johns Hopkins publication on personal narratives of mental health resilience: VOICES. There I talk about my journey with mental health and bipolar II.

You can read my contribution along many others inspiring personal narratives of mental health resilience written by Syrena Oswald, Glenn Roil, Bunna Phoeun & Fr Kevin Conroy, Konstantinos Manthos, Craig Marchant, Anonymous One, Fehmida Visnegarwala, Luc De Bry, Catherine De Bry-Meeùs & Valère De Bry, Nataliya Yaneva, Michael Nair-Collins….and many more!

Here is an excerpt:

At first glance, when you meet me, you’ll find a successful business sustainability consultant, women’s empowerment leader, and Shadow Work coach. Since 1993, I’ve led large systems change initiatives at more than 50 enterprises. I live on a dozen acres—organic garden, solar panels, trout stream, sugar shack—in the woods of Western Massachusetts.

You can read my story in full on page 45!

The publication can be found here:  https://secureservercdn.net/